Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who doesn't love chocolate?

If you're allergic, I can understand that. (I know a guy who is allergic, and also my math teacher can't handle it) But if you really hate chocolate, you might see me staring at you and backing away quickly.

I really like those Dove milk chocolate things. Not quite rectangle-shaped, but not circular either. More like a square with round edges, if you know what I'm talking about it.

And Kit Kats, Milky Way, and Three Musketeers also have chocolatey goodness. But the master of them all is TWIX! Yes, TWIX! I didn't eat them when I was younger because it said "May contain peanuts" on the side. Turns out that's a lie and I can eat them. Wish I had disregarded the warning in past years.

I am more fond of chocolate than any other kind of candy. I don't really like sour or spicy candy.

~ Hoshi Hime♫


Anonymous said...

It really just depends...
right now I don't like chocolate.

Shiroi Hime♫ said...

Milk chocolate = yuck
Dark chocolate = YUM-O