Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This is Hoshi Hime speaking. (Basically, star princess, or simply star and someone who is female.)
I was going to be Daichi Hime (Daichi being earth, I believe) but I decided not to. Actually, Hoshi was the name of a horse in a book I read, haha.
I'm a big fan of dolphins, cats, dogs, squirrels, flowers, shiny things, and staring at people. I probably know who you are even if you don't know me. :o
Anyway, before I go on too long, that's basically it. (Besides me having a lot of nicknames which I use in place of my real name most of the time.)
(Just warning you, I talk to myself a lot. So don't think I'm a lunatic, please.)
Hasta la vista, and until next time,
~ Hoshi Hime♫


Shiroi Hime♫ said...

'Daichi' means 'earth' as in 'ground'..... :P

Hoshi Hime♫ said...

Ooops. I got confused. XD

Ohana Hime♫ said...

doesn't hoshi also mean 'want' in japanese...? it does mean star too...

Shiroi Hime♫ said...

Hoshi = star
hoshii = want

Watashi hoshii sushi des.