Monday, August 24, 2009

Dead too soon...

Or should I say, "gone too soon", as the song goes? (If you don't know that song, it's a Michael Jackson song, which ironically applies to him now even though he wrote it for someone else) But anyways, what I mean is that no one has posted in this blog for a long time. Seriously. In fact, not since the beginning of this summer back in June. Where are all the Himes?! I guess this is why independent blogs are easier, because the only one who posts is yourself. In fact, it seems The Ranting of the Hime♫s only reached a disheartening total of less than 40 posts. So everyone, come back down to Earth from whatever distant lands and planets you have wandered off to. (Probably you're all still on Earth, but never mind that.)

I guess it's time for me to rant a little, about the school year. I took French because apparently it's harder so you have a better chance of getting into a "good" college. Also, I didn't really want to take Spanish or Mandarin. I would've taken Japanese but of course they didn't offer it. If I just took it in high school I wouldn't be able to reach Japanese 5 (AP). So here I am taking French instead. It is not very easy. Rarely is something ever pronounced the way it looks. Like c'est, where basically the st is silent. I don't know if I can handle Japanese, Mandarin, Shanghainese, English, and French words all trying to crowd into my brain.

Not only that, but after long hiatus, my parents are now attempting to set a limit on my computer time again. Usually they give up on it especially since when I was younger I already had more free time. Now I'm in 8th grade and expected to get more homework than the past years, so my parents figure they should cut off the computer time so I have enough time to do other things. Since I usually use the computer more than an hour every day, it's pretty drastic if I try to cut it down to 30 minutes. I'd rather have a gradual change if I really have to. But my mom is pretty stubborn so she wants it to be reduced as soon as possible. She says I won't be able to go to a good college or have a job that earns enough income unless I study hard now. It's at times like this that I miss when I was young and my parents and I were all happier...At least, I think.

Well, I should probably not write too much here, so that will be the end of it. I hope no one has gotten in a horrific accident.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer is here! (Exclusive rant included in post)

Yay: We're going to be 8th graders next year and dominate the school \(^o^)/ And now summer's here, we can relax (somewhat) our butts off and tan in the sun (hopefully you don't get skin cancer or a sunburn from the activity).
Boo: The teachers are mostly old people. And for those of us in advanced math, we have to learn Geometry. >.<

Summer. What comes to mind? I think of juice, too much sunlight, too much heat, sleeping for 12 hours, staying up late, relaxation, and more time to write my fanfic or marathon animizzle.
Then again, the relaxation part doesn't work. Not if your parents like to enroll you in various classes, with only one of them having potential to help you in life, if any at all. Yesh. Like making you use Rosetta Stone to learn Japanese, enough to get you through an airport, and safely arrive at your hotel in one piece.

The only useful thing that I'll learn this summer will be Geometry. xP anything else, probably not.

That wasn't much of a rant was it?


FYI, these 'HTML' tags are fake. I don't think they'll work. If they do, I'm going to LOL so hard.

(internet meme much.)

Friday, May 22, 2009

My foot is a woodpecker

I have discovered something highly amusing about my mother's workplace. So, under her desk, there is a thing that looks like a ramp. If you move it up and down with your foot quickly it makes a sound not unlike the sound of a woodpecker. I think it is very funny but I'm not sure about what my mom thinks. She seems not to like it since it disturbs the people working.

I am very tired. Even though it's a day off from school, my mind still thinks it is school so I woke up before 8 am. -_-;; I tried to get back to sleep, but of course the sun is shining through the windows. It's my bad luck that the bedroom happens to be in that direction. (East?) I should get some nice curtains like the ones in Las Vegas's Venetian hotel. At least it kept the sun out so I could catch some Z's.

Not only that, but I do have some homework. Yesterday, due to my bad memory I forgot to pack my binder for school. Luckily I managed to survive the day without it, but unluckily I got a pretty bad score on my most recent math quiz. 26 out of 32 means ouch for your grade. In language arts we're making diaries about an animal. I picked the dolphin. After all, it was my favorite animal beginning from second grade when I first read a book about it.

I still need to color all the pictures for my diary and type of the text. It will take some time so I suppose I can't have the nice four-day weekend I was envisioning. (Monday is Memorial Day). C'est la vie, I suppose. Such is life.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"It's the most WONDERFUL~ time of the year!"

Yes. It's THAT time of the year. NOT CHRISTMAS. NOT MIDTERMS. NOT FINALS; HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT. Yes. Learning about our private parts is definitely fun. \(-o-)/
Seriously. There are some really immature people in my class, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, that laugh when ever the word for any private part pops up, asks really useless questions, and yell the names of private parts at the top of their lungs. >:O I mean:
4. IT HINTS THAT YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH ______. (use your imagination)

For classwork, we have to color the (fe)male reproductive systems. @_@ This year we also learn about gay people! \(~o~)/
I'm looking forward to more the end.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Us vs. Curry Clan

Ah. What a pleasant feeling it is to scare off little kids. Especially ones that sit riiiiiight on your backpacks and kick them. Totally. A few months ago, a few annoying pixies decided to sit right on where we put our backpacks because, I assume, they couldn't find another spot to sit. -_- MANNERS PPL, MANNERS. Us and another group decided, these guys are IRRITATING. WTF R THEY SITTING ON OUR BACKPACS >:O?!!! We pelted pieces of food at them, played orange baseball and accidentaly hit one of them with the orange, and GLARED at them. It was kinda funny.... though they really SMELLED HORRIBLE.... (think Yellowstone National Park and India mixed together). Eventually, they decided, I think, Let's stop being stoic and scram. These sevvies are maaaajor d-bags...

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Imagine a world where there hospitals were all shut down, and all schools were required to give a hard entrance exam in order for anyone to get in. What would happen?
First: People with the genes for any disease or people with weak immune systems would die off.
Second: Only people with a very flexible (not literally) brain would get education and get a good job.
Third: Shiroi would be dead. xD
Fifth: Like 6 ppl would be alive.... @_@
Sixth: IDK.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Am I going to become a rabbit?

My mom wants me to eat vegetables. For instance, she just served me some salad, which tastes kind of bland, like what you would expect rabbits to eat.

Me, I just like to eat chocolate. Milk chocolate in particular. (But I hear dark chocolate is healthier...After all, it has more cacao in it.) However, if you want more calcium, eat milk chocolate. (But you shouldn't eat white chocolate because I think it is partially artificial)

Anyhow, it's strange, but I like to have vegetables in sandwiches. I feel like sandwiches taste too meaty and cheesy without any tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, etc. to add to the taste. (And I am okay with sauce or cranberries in it, but I prefer no sauce)

Tomatoes are annoying to eat if they aren't sliced thinly, though. When you bite into a tomato juice will squirt onto your face or other people. The same thing sometimes happens with grapes, oranges, and other juicy foods. D:

Anyhow, do rabbits eat tomatoes? I have not much knowledge of them.