Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boo. Math homework.

It seems like I always have math homework, except for test days and holidays...I guess I'd say I get the most homework in math class. Then history, and then science/language arts (I'm not sure which has more). I'm pretty sick of doing homework by now, even though I hardly do any. I guess I'm just really lazy.

And as usual, I decided to go on the computer. (In my mind, I pretend that I'm doing something useful. In truth, I'm just procrastinating) Also, the sky looks pretty dreary today. It's not that blue and the trees in my backyard have lost their leaves. Not a very cheery atmosphere, especially with opera playing in the background. Ugh! Why does my grandma like it again? (She just listens to the same music over and over. I wish she'd at least get some different CDs.)

Yesterday I was being annoyed by the sound of the smoke alarm. Every few minutes or less than that, it would beep once. It made me kind of paranoid and I tried to cover up the sound by putting on earphones. It didn't help. Finally I called my parents (they were visited a friend) and asked how to stop it. It would be hard to sleep with it beeping all night.

~ Hoshi Hime♫

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Ohana Hime♫ said...

Your life is so intersting compared to me. :DDDD