Friday, May 22, 2009

My foot is a woodpecker

I have discovered something highly amusing about my mother's workplace. So, under her desk, there is a thing that looks like a ramp. If you move it up and down with your foot quickly it makes a sound not unlike the sound of a woodpecker. I think it is very funny but I'm not sure about what my mom thinks. She seems not to like it since it disturbs the people working.

I am very tired. Even though it's a day off from school, my mind still thinks it is school so I woke up before 8 am. -_-;; I tried to get back to sleep, but of course the sun is shining through the windows. It's my bad luck that the bedroom happens to be in that direction. (East?) I should get some nice curtains like the ones in Las Vegas's Venetian hotel. At least it kept the sun out so I could catch some Z's.

Not only that, but I do have some homework. Yesterday, due to my bad memory I forgot to pack my binder for school. Luckily I managed to survive the day without it, but unluckily I got a pretty bad score on my most recent math quiz. 26 out of 32 means ouch for your grade. In language arts we're making diaries about an animal. I picked the dolphin. After all, it was my favorite animal beginning from second grade when I first read a book about it.

I still need to color all the pictures for my diary and type of the text. It will take some time so I suppose I can't have the nice four-day weekend I was envisioning. (Monday is Memorial Day). C'est la vie, I suppose. Such is life.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"It's the most WONDERFUL~ time of the year!"

Yes. It's THAT time of the year. NOT CHRISTMAS. NOT MIDTERMS. NOT FINALS; HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT. Yes. Learning about our private parts is definitely fun. \(-o-)/
Seriously. There are some really immature people in my class, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, that laugh when ever the word for any private part pops up, asks really useless questions, and yell the names of private parts at the top of their lungs. >:O I mean:
4. IT HINTS THAT YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH ______. (use your imagination)

For classwork, we have to color the (fe)male reproductive systems. @_@ This year we also learn about gay people! \(~o~)/
I'm looking forward to more the end.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Us vs. Curry Clan

Ah. What a pleasant feeling it is to scare off little kids. Especially ones that sit riiiiiight on your backpacks and kick them. Totally. A few months ago, a few annoying pixies decided to sit right on where we put our backpacks because, I assume, they couldn't find another spot to sit. -_- MANNERS PPL, MANNERS. Us and another group decided, these guys are IRRITATING. WTF R THEY SITTING ON OUR BACKPACS >:O?!!! We pelted pieces of food at them, played orange baseball and accidentaly hit one of them with the orange, and GLARED at them. It was kinda funny.... though they really SMELLED HORRIBLE.... (think Yellowstone National Park and India mixed together). Eventually, they decided, I think, Let's stop being stoic and scram. These sevvies are maaaajor d-bags...