Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer is here! (Exclusive rant included in post)

Yay: We're going to be 8th graders next year and dominate the school \(^o^)/ And now summer's here, we can relax (somewhat) our butts off and tan in the sun (hopefully you don't get skin cancer or a sunburn from the activity).
Boo: The teachers are mostly old people. And for those of us in advanced math, we have to learn Geometry. >.<

Summer. What comes to mind? I think of juice, too much sunlight, too much heat, sleeping for 12 hours, staying up late, relaxation, and more time to write my fanfic or marathon animizzle.
Then again, the relaxation part doesn't work. Not if your parents like to enroll you in various classes, with only one of them having potential to help you in life, if any at all. Yesh. Like making you use Rosetta Stone to learn Japanese, enough to get you through an airport, and safely arrive at your hotel in one piece.

The only useful thing that I'll learn this summer will be Geometry. xP anything else, probably not.

That wasn't much of a rant was it?


FYI, these 'HTML' tags are fake. I don't think they'll work. If they do, I'm going to LOL so hard.

(internet meme much.)

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Hoshi Hime♫ said...

Nooo, I don't want to be in 8th grade. It means geometry, American history, physics (or was it chemistry), and mean old teachers. So I wish I could just stay in 7th grade.

My mom has the classes bug too. It's either that or going back to the old math day care place. (Which isn't bad, since you can play video games the whole afternoon if you work fast, but I haven't been there in a while and fear I have been "left behind" academically)