Friday, May 22, 2009

My foot is a woodpecker

I have discovered something highly amusing about my mother's workplace. So, under her desk, there is a thing that looks like a ramp. If you move it up and down with your foot quickly it makes a sound not unlike the sound of a woodpecker. I think it is very funny but I'm not sure about what my mom thinks. She seems not to like it since it disturbs the people working.

I am very tired. Even though it's a day off from school, my mind still thinks it is school so I woke up before 8 am. -_-;; I tried to get back to sleep, but of course the sun is shining through the windows. It's my bad luck that the bedroom happens to be in that direction. (East?) I should get some nice curtains like the ones in Las Vegas's Venetian hotel. At least it kept the sun out so I could catch some Z's.

Not only that, but I do have some homework. Yesterday, due to my bad memory I forgot to pack my binder for school. Luckily I managed to survive the day without it, but unluckily I got a pretty bad score on my most recent math quiz. 26 out of 32 means ouch for your grade. In language arts we're making diaries about an animal. I picked the dolphin. After all, it was my favorite animal beginning from second grade when I first read a book about it.

I still need to color all the pictures for my diary and type of the text. It will take some time so I suppose I can't have the nice four-day weekend I was envisioning. (Monday is Memorial Day). C'est la vie, I suppose. Such is life.

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