Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Us vs. Curry Clan

Ah. What a pleasant feeling it is to scare off little kids. Especially ones that sit riiiiiight on your backpacks and kick them. Totally. A few months ago, a few annoying pixies decided to sit right on where we put our backpacks because, I assume, they couldn't find another spot to sit. -_- MANNERS PPL, MANNERS. Us and another group decided, these guys are IRRITATING. WTF R THEY SITTING ON OUR BACKPACS >:O?!!! We pelted pieces of food at them, played orange baseball and accidentaly hit one of them with the orange, and GLARED at them. It was kinda funny.... though they really SMELLED HORRIBLE.... (think Yellowstone National Park and India mixed together). Eventually, they decided, I think, Let's stop being stoic and scram. These sevvies are maaaajor d-bags...

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Hoshi Hime♫ said...

Haha, I bet someday they'll be doing that too. I've noticed we all look down on the pixies as pests when we get older. XD