Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh no, I am getting old

I mean, both mentally and physically, I feel like I'm changing into an old lady, right before my own eyes. ;_;

Mentally- When I'm looking at the people around me, even the ones who are older than I am, I feel like I am a teacher looking at children or something. They seem so innocent and playful, even though there are some people that talk about inappropriate things publicly. (Ick.) I mean, it makes me think, everyone doesn't have any serious worries or something. D:

Physically- My bones tend to make cracking sounds. Especially my neck, back, knees... When I was little, my old ballet teacher told me that I had stiff shoulders. You aren't supposed to have stiff shoulders until you're older and have finished growing. Also, I tend to have less energy and endurance, which is something that happens to the elderly. (Even video games tell me that your running endurance decreases with age...) And my skin is slightly more wrinkly than the people around me, although not noticeably so. (This is probably due to me being short, but still.)

And then...There was the time I found a gray hair. That was very disturbing indeed. *shudder*


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Ohana Hime♫ said...

you have no idea.
Kuroi and Michelle found like 2 white hairs in my head, and then they called me old lady for the rest of my life...etc.