Monday, January 26, 2009

Am I going to become a rabbit?

My mom wants me to eat vegetables. For instance, she just served me some salad, which tastes kind of bland, like what you would expect rabbits to eat.

Me, I just like to eat chocolate. Milk chocolate in particular. (But I hear dark chocolate is healthier...After all, it has more cacao in it.) However, if you want more calcium, eat milk chocolate. (But you shouldn't eat white chocolate because I think it is partially artificial)

Anyhow, it's strange, but I like to have vegetables in sandwiches. I feel like sandwiches taste too meaty and cheesy without any tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, etc. to add to the taste. (And I am okay with sauce or cranberries in it, but I prefer no sauce)

Tomatoes are annoying to eat if they aren't sliced thinly, though. When you bite into a tomato juice will squirt onto your face or other people. The same thing sometimes happens with grapes, oranges, and other juicy foods. D:

Anyhow, do rabbits eat tomatoes? I have not much knowledge of them.


emotaku said...

Vegetables are delicious.
...Certain vegetables, anyways.

Personally, I think salad tastes great with a spoonful or two of Italian dressing.

And dark chocolate is the most amazing substance in the world. *0*

Tomatoes... -shudder- And yes. Rabbits can eat tomatoes. But it is ill-advised for you to feed too many to a rabbit. ;D

Fwit said...

ooh hahaha chocolate